Eureka! Drupal 8 released!

Eureka! Drupal 8 released!

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am 02 December, 2015

Five long years went into the development of the long-awaited Drupal 8, and now it is finally here just as announced. Our first Drupal 8 project was released at almost the same time, since this website is already running on the latest version of our favorite CMS — hosted by our partner Acquia.

Whoever followed the Driesnote in Barcelona knows why the road to Version 8 was so rocky. The main reason for this was the slow pace of development without a suitable branching strategy, which with such a complex piece of software stretched the over 3000 developers involved to their limits. 

Things will look different in future. Say goodbye to trunk-based development and welcome feature branches. The whole article on the new development strategy can be found online at Dries

What does Drupal 8 bring to the table? First of all, an almost infinite number of modules which have to be ported to the new system. Many well-loved tools will not work at first — or will even be completely superfluous, as has been found with the Feature module, which has been placed in the core as the Configuration Management tool. 

Using Symfony components results in interesting synergies and puts a smile on the faces of our Symfony experts in particular. The introduction of the Twig template engine is also a step in the right direction, and makes a much cleaner Drupal architecture possible through the consistent separation of code and presentation.We very much look forward to the caching and especially BigPipe. Last but not least, we are pleased about the improved possibilities of Headless Drupal. 2016 will be an exciting year, and we are looking forward to our next projects using Drupal 8!   

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Mit Grausen erinnert man sich zurück an die Zeiten, in denen "Burger" McDonalds bedeutete und "guter Burger" maximal Burger King…

Five long years went into the development of the long-awaited Drupal 8, and now it is finally here just as announced.

This coming weekend is the DrupalCamp Vienna. Awaiting us are two days packed with exciting lectures, interesting conversations and a beautiful city…

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