Bob & Mary: The Best Burgers in Town

Bob & Mary: The Best Burgers in Town

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am 02 December, 2015

It makes us cringe to think back to the days when "burgers" meant McDonalds and "good burgers" only meant Burger King at best. How enviously did we look across the pond to the homeland of the juicy hamburgers. Fast Eddie's burgers in Lethal Weapon or Samuel L. Jackson's Kahuna burger from Pulp Fiction were unattainable culinary delights.  


Burger bei Bob&MaryBut those dark days of famine are gone. Good burgers have been available on our doorstep for quite a few years now, with especially good ones on offer at Bob & Mary right here in the Medienhafen. As a native of Cologne I feel obliged to say that the best burgers of all, anywhere in the world, can be found at Die Fette Kuh. But when you are not in Cologne then Bob & Mary is an excellent alternative - particularly when you are only five minutes' walk away.


The hipster factor can sometimes be quite high in the simple, but stylishly furnished and not-too-large restaurant in Hammer Straße. Even at the start of the rush hour at midday it will already be quite full and the waiting staff overstretched. But except for this one little drawback B&M offers the best burgers, made from 140 g of meat and home-made buns. You can add to this the first-class French fries, either the traditional sort or the almost even better sweet potato version, a large variety of sauces as well as a top-class home-made lemonade.


As well as traditional burgers like cheese or barbecue, they also serve a weekly special, and at the moment they also have a vegetarian option on offer. 


But one thing is clear: Bob & Mary at the Medienhafen is the place to be at lunchtimes.


ETECTURE lunch rating: ★★★★☆
4 out of 5. Includes a one-star deduction because of temporarily overstretched waiting staff.




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